About Us

I Am Peace, I Am Unity, I Am Knowledge, I Am Power, I Am Law, I Am Protection, I Am Control, I Am Cooperation and Harmony, I Am Correct Ideas and Beliefs, I Am Devotion, I Am Strength. These brands are derived from The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity™, and its premise: Do “Good,” Do No Harm. It is our ethical framework. It is how we envision building family, community, and nation.

These brands are for you who strive to improve yourself and those around you. Wear the brands that you identify with or the brands that you’re working on to better yourself, your family, or your community. We welcome and work with members of every gender, race, age group, religious group, sexual orientation, and class, so long as your actions are in harmony with the standard; Do “Good,” Do No Harm.

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